An AV receiver from Sony combines state-of-the-art technology with years of expertise from the world-renowned electronics manufacturer.

AV receivers from Sony

Sony STR-DH590*

Visually, the AV receiver from Sony can convince with its elegant appearance. The receiver shines with a 5.2 channel with an output power of 145 watts. A total of 4 HDMI inputs provide sufficient connection options for game consoles and co. In addition, Bluetooth and USB provide basic connectivity options.
The cooling of an AV receiver can turn out to be the Achilles’ heel of the device. For this reason, the manufacturers of the device have installed a special heat sink, which increasingly addresses the problem of overheating.
Moreover, the AVR includes a built-in power amplifier. The audio qualities also include high-resolution audio. The video qualities are complemented by 4K, Dolby Digital and HDR.
DCAC is used for the adequate calibration of speakers. This means something like Digital Cinema Auto Calibration and automatically measures the speakers.


Sony STR-DH790*

Visually, this AV receiver from Sony also knows how to convince. However, not only the exterior counts, but also the inner values of the model from 2018. Can the device convince? Within the audio functions, the improved version of DCAC shines. In other words, this feature enables an identical sound from the speakers.
The technology works in such a way that the output quality of the rear speakers directly depends on the front ones and thus are matched. The Sony AV receiver connects seven speakers as well as a woofer channel thanks to its 7.2 channel. Dolby Atmos/DTS:X ensures 3D audio. The DTS:X conveys a cinema feeling because the soundscape in the room is thus omnipresent. The user of the AV receiver is washed around by the sounds, so to speak. The Dolby Atmos provides sufficient sound effects above the heads of the people watching movies. The High Resolution Audio is characterized by an audio standard that exceeds the classic dynamic range of CDs.

Similar to pictures, the following correlation applies here: the more bits the file contains, the more information it has. The sound is richer in information thanks to High Resolution Audio and thus achieves a higher acoustic quality. The Sony model shines with the common connection options USB, HDMI and Bluetooth. Convenient is the possibility to reactivate the multi-channel amplifier from standby mode via a Bluetooth-enabled device like tablet or smartphone. The 4 HMDI inputs offer enough connection options for Blue-Ray players and co. With the help of the HDMI output, the device can be connected to the TV to forward HDMI signals. Sony’s AV receiver is capable of delivering a high-resolution picture. This is based on the image resolution of 4000 pixels, the 4K and the high dynamic range image HDR. This makes it possible to reproduce the most authentic images possible. Furthermore, Sony’s AV receiver also includes the Dolby Vision picture format.


Sony STR-DN1080*

Facts & Features
– Surround Sound 7.2
– 4K UHD
– Dolby Atmos
– Multi-room capability
– High-Resolution Audio
– Dolby Atmos
– 6 HDMI ports
– Bluetooth
– WiFi
– Output power of 165 watts
– Spotify Connect
– AirPlay
The Phantom Surround Back provides an extension of the listening experience. Similarly, the S-Force Pro Font Surround creates the musical illusion with even fewer speakers.


Company description

The manufacturer Sony has been in existence since 1946, and the internationally active corporation is based in Japan. The corporation’s core competencies in consumer electronics also include AV receivers. Sony is also known for its Playstation game console. Furthermore, cell phones also belong to the wide range of products. The question asked at the beginning can be answered positively. Thus, the AV receiver from Sony convinces both with its appearance and its provided functions. The audio functions are state of the art.