The streaming profile at home can be completed by an AV receiver with Internet radio. Thus, the range of classic radio stations can be expanded by the Internet radio according to personal preferences. Here, once again, the wide range of applications of the powerful amplifiers reveals itself to be very advantageous.
What are the advantages of an AV receiver with internetradio* and are there working options to upgrade an AV receiver accordingly in case of missing functionality?

AV receiver with Internet radio

What is an internet radio?

An Internet radio refers to the streaming of radio broadcasts. Streaming in this context means listening to data during transmission. In the meantime, this service can be used via a different number of end devices. There are extra radio devices with integrated WLAN, the Internet radios. Moreover, a VR radio, the so-called Virtual Radio, is predestined for streaming from the Internet. Furthermore, PC, Echo systems or AV receivers enable the reception of this radio offer.

By the way: The AV receiver Pioneer VSX-832(B)* with 5.1 surround sound and an output power of 130 watts enables streaming in many ways. Furthermore, via WLAN or Bluetooth, it is possible to access a range of streaming services via Apple AirPlay, DTS Play-Fi or FlareConnect, Amazon Music, Deezer, Tuneln, TIDAL or Spotify.


Advantages of Internet radio

Listening to stations on Internet radio is convincing due to its diverse offer, which is free of charge and legal. For this, it makes a good alternative to paid streaming services. In addition, there is the thematic range, which serves niches. The consumption of worldwide content via the audio path trains the auditory learning of a new foreign language. The diversity of stations results from worldwide availability. All that is needed is stable Internet access to select the right program from the variety of 30000 existing stations. In addition to national stations, international stations deliver events from a new perspective. In addition to national ones, the listener can grasp international events from other points of view. Transmitters of the Internet radio form a contrast program to traditional transmitters to the typical course of the entertainment program and the selected main topics.

Listening to favorite stations is not only live, but can also be conveniently heard via podcast in retrospect. Listening to the stations is convincing due to the attractive option of being able to listen to them at any time. This is done through provided podcasts, which can even be downloaded under certain circumstances. Suddenly, the broadcast range of regional stations no longer plays a role. Meanwhile, traditional radio stations can be heard via web radio. In a direct comparison between FM and Internet radio, the latter comes out on top due to its more consistent transmission quality. While traditional radio stations broadcast chart music via FM, an AV receiver with Internet radio convinces with the output of genres and their subgenres. The quality of the signals is independent of the weather. Much more, the audio experience depends on a stable Internet connection. Due to the large number of possible stations, the sound quality varies from station to station.

✔ Learning new knowledge
✔ Improving foreign languages
✔ incomparable diversity
✔ listen to national and international events
✔ contrast program to traditional stations
✔ time-independent listening through podcasts
✔ Transmitting range of regional stations no longer applicable
✔ Consistent transmission quality
✔ Listenability of all genres including subgenres
✔ Independence from weather conditions
✔ new music experience


Popular music genres
– Electro
– hip-hop
– house
– classical music
– pop music
– punk
– rock
– pop hits
– techno


AV/Receiver with Internet Radio

An AV receiver with Internet radio can play stations worldwide through the home theater system. Not only stations, but also podcasts can sound through the speakers with the best sound quality.
Thus, the rich offer of radio streaming incorporates one’s own musical preferences to a greater extent than a classic radio with a manageable number of station slots does.

It also eliminates the need to purchase a network radio. First of all, the AV receiver must be compatible with the Internet radio before you can use the streaming service. The product information of the device reveals whether this is given. There must also be a functioning LAN or WLAN connection. Optimal data transfer rates are ensured by DSL/VDSL, LTE, fiber optics, cable Internet or satellite. These channels are part of broadband, whereas ISDN, GSM and GRPS are part of narrowband. The Internet radio service offers both free and paid services.


❶ Pioneer VSX-S520-B

For example, the Pioneer VSX-S520-B* AV receiver with a 5.1-channel system and an output power of 80 watts enables DTS Play-Fi or FlareConnect in addition to the Apple AirPlay connection type for products like iPhone. Moreover, possible streaming services are Amazon Music, Deezer, TIDAL, Spotify or Tuneln. This allows a wide range of possible radio stations on the Internet.


❷ Onkyo TX-NR575E(B)

The TX-NR575E(B)* from Onkyo is a powerful AV receiver with Internet radio. To receive Internet radio, the AV receiver must be part of the local network. This prerequisite is met by this AV/receiver with the help of WLAN. Through this technological feature, the connection to the Internet succeeds wirelessly. This reduces the necessary cables, which is positive for the temperature development. A reduced number of cables can reduce the operating temperature because the heat behind the device can escape better. Moreover, the powerful device has Bluetooth, which can also be used to connect older wireless speakers. With the Dolby/DTS:X audio format, the AV receiver with Internet radio delivers good sound quality.


Retrofit AV receiver with Internet radio

In addition to the AV receivers with already integrated Internet radio, there is the convenient option of retrofitting those devices without Internet radio with the help of an adapter. This is done very simply via an RCA cable.
Depending on the adapter, an app or remote control can be used for control. Clear color displays improve the user experience. Internet radio and dab+ expand the music experience of these amplifiers. The adapter combines modern internet radio and classic radio in one device.

It convinces with the possibility of individualization through adjustments of height and sound. Depending on the device, the connection via Bluetooth proves to be another advantage. With its help, the favorite songs or even the entire music library from tablet and smartphone run through the adapter. The included throw antenna helps when the signal strength is poor. The simple expansion with the appropriate adapter helps to fulfill the desire for Internet radio in the blink of an eye, without the need to purchase a new device.

What streaming services are available?

The sheer limitless possibilities of the Internet provide a wide range of streaming services in the context of Internet radio. Therefore, only a few of the most common offers are mentioned here:

Overview of streaming services
– AirPlay
– Chromcast built-in
– Deezer
– Napster
– Play-Fi
– Qobuz
– Spotify
– soundcloud
– TuneIn
– WiMP
The manufacturer Teufel provides high-quality speakers for streaming. Thanks to the intelligent speaker systems, streaming services such as AirPlay or Spotify can be heard via WLAN sound decks, THX speakers or complete systems. The systems are built on common wireless connection technologies such as Bluetooth or WLAN.


Classic radio versus Internet radio

Ultra-short waves, better known as FM, affect the sound quality of an analog radio. Finally, ultrashort waves are not infrequently susceptible to interference if, for example, a cell phone is nearby.

In contrast, an AV receiver with Internet radio can deliver good sound quality digitally quite free of interference. A retrofitted AV receiver combines the benefits of the classic radio experience with the far-reaching possibilities of Internet radio.
In summary, an AV receiver with internetradio* expands the streaming possibilities enormously. Radio lovers will get their money’s worth here. Review based on product ratings and general pros and cons of the category.

AV-Receiver mit Internetradio













  • Kostenlos
  • Große Musikvielfalt
  • Wetterunabhängig
  • Reichweite der Sender zweitrangig


  • WLAN/LAN als Voraussetzung
  • Wenige AV-Receiver mit eingebautem Internetradio