Finding wireless speakers for an AV receiver is no big problem nowadays. Thanks to the increasing spread of multi-room technologies, there is a wide range of different multiroom speakers for individual needs.
HEOS and MuiscCast form the foundation for wireless speakers here. However, other manufacturers also have their raison d’être. For this reason, two speakers from other manufacturers are presented.

AV receiver wireless speakers

Hama Multiroom speaker* for Internet radio and wireless music streaming IR80MBT.

Facts & Features
– Equipped with Bluetooth function
– Features WLAN
– Memory for up to 30 favorites
– Remote control included
Hama has been in existence since 1923, and the Dresden-based company is internationally active. Its wide range of products includes speakers, computer or video accessories.


Onkyo SKH-410(B)* speaker system for Dolby Atmos.

Facts & Features
– noble design
– Input power of 100 watts
– Construction of wood and vinyl
– wall mounting feasible
– designed for surround sound 5.1
Wall mounting makes it possible to display the treble effects of a movie. The result is a more realistic perception of movies.


How do wireless boxes work?

The basis for this phenomenon is the presence of at least one of two common connection technologies. These are WLAN and Bluetooth.

Teufel provides high-quality speakers for Multiroom, the room-spanning music enjoyment for the home. These Multiroom speakers for the AV receiver can, for example, be controlled individually via app, networked with each other and connected to the AV receiver via WLAN.


Multiroom speakers for AV receivers

The manufacturer Hama equips its wireless speakers for the AV receiver with the connection technologies WLAN and Bluetooth. These are indispensable prerequisites for a multiroom application.
Laying individual cables from the home theater room to the individual rooms of the household turns out to be quite impractical. Wireless speakers, which work with either WLAN or Bluetooth, provide a remedy for this.
Thanks to the wireless speakers, friends of cultivated music entertainment benefit from popular streaming providers such as Spotify. In addition, Internet radio and DAB complete the music enjoyment for all radio lovers.


AV receiver Dolby Atmos speakers

From the house of Onkyo, wireless speakers find their way into the home theater in the form of a ceiling mount. The immersive sound format Dolby Atmos brings the cinema feeling into the home.
By mounting wireless speakers as multiroom speakers in the upper layer, the viewer of movies feels an authentic sense of the scenery. He goes from being a spectator to a participant in the scene. Review based on product ratings and general pros and cons of the category.

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