AV receiver speaker sets or home theater systems are virtually an all-round carefree package. This is based on having more than two compatible speakers in addition to an AV receiver.

AV receiver speaker set

Due to this constellation happen purchase of the AV receiver and matching speakers by purchasing a single home theater system. Due to this fact, there are practical advantages.
Thus, the user can assume that the home theater system is quick and easy to put into operation. Compatibility problems are usually not to be expected, because the speakers are tuned to the multi-channel receiver.

Besides Sony, Teufel also provides home cinema systems. These offered systems have a wide variety of visual expressions and are equipped with the latest sound formats. Due to their column speakers and compact subwoofers, the AV receivers and speakers in the package fit into many home theaters, resulting in a coherent picture

Especially the new AV receiver speaker sets convince with their wireless music streaming. This is realized with the help of Bluetooth or WLAN. With just a few steps, a cinema atmosphere is thus possible within your own four walls.
The AV receiver is not always the heart of the system. Blu-Ray players are also possible. The complete systems* have floor standing or compact boxes. By combining them with the AV receiver, the complete systems are ready to play.
In addition to the classic surround system that consists of five speakers and a subwoofer, there are also 5.1.2 systems. These are complemented by a pair of height speakers.