An AV receiver cabinet* takes into account the demands of a multi-channel amplifier. At least, a good piece of furniture should be able to realize this without any problems. The manufacturers of the accommodation places must manage the balancing act between functionality and appearance.

AV receiver cabinet

Put AV receiver in cabinet

A high-quality product like the AV receiver needs the right space for its permanent placement. After all, all further installations depend not insignificantly on its position in the home theater room. A suitable cabinet for the AV receiver should have enough storage space for other components such as possible adapters, turntables, preamplifiers, BluRay or DVD players, game consoles or even components of the speaker system. The experience center speakers are located in close proximity to the AV receiver. This is because these speakers must be located below the TV. Of course, these considerations are all a matter of space.

Depending on the number of components, an entire wall in the home theater is more likely to be needed than two or three compartments. Still, a good cabinet shouldn’t just provide space for the AV receiver. The optimal cabinet for the AV receiver has open as well as closed compartments.
Furthermore, make sure that the size of the compartments are large enough for the particular AV receiver. With flat AV receivers, also known as slimline, the risk of lack of space decreases.


Operating AV receivers in the cabinet

Operating options can be more difficult for an AV receiver depending on the nature of the cabinet. This is because in a closed cabinet, the infrared signal from the remote control may not get through to the AV receiver. In such cases, an infrared amplifier can help. In general, it is better if the AV receivers can also stand quite freely in the cabinet.


AV receiver cabinet heat

A very important issue is the adequate ventilation of an AV receiver inside the cabinet. After all, there is a certain potential danger behind placing electrical equipment in cabinets. There should be at least 10 cm of space between the AVR and the cabinet ceiling. Proper cooling should be a higher priority than matching appearance.