AV receiver lowboard assign the powerful multi-channel amplifier a fixed place in the furniture, which meets the high standards of an AV receiver.

AV receiver lowboard

Functional orientation of a lowboard

A lowboard represents a piece of furniture with a low height, preferably located in living rooms, suitable for housing TV sets and other technical components. The high requirement of a lowbaord is to make the center of the room stylish, but still align it functionally. For this, modern solutions provide a coherent overall concept for the home theater room.
Those looking for discreet pieces of furniture will benefit from purchasing a lowboard for AV receivers. The narrow design of such an object is as predestined for the insertion of a narrow AV receiver, also known as AV receiver Slimline.

In a lowboard, it is not only the appearance that is of great importance, but above all the functionality. If possible, existing cables should disappear in the cover of the flat piece of furniture. Nevertheless, a lowboard for AV receivers should fit into the interior of a living room. Solutions such as a lowboard manage to suitably accommodate not only an AV receiver but also other components of an AV receiver. For example, this includes the WLAN router, Bluetooth or WLAN adapter, a NAS server or the BluRay player, Xbox or record player.

Accommodation possible for
– AV receiver
– BluRay player
– DVD player
– record player
– PS4
– WLAN router
– Xbox


Ventilation in the AV receiver lowboard

A good lowboard* for the AV receiver is above all well thought out. This starts with the processed materials, in order to be able to use all control options despite possible barriers by a built-in privacy screen furthermore.
Often, the lowboards do not have a wall towards the front or both the front and the back. This feature has a very positive effect on cooling. In the long run, such a feature improves the integrity of the technical components.
The dimensions within the lowboard allow for adequate cooling through a barrier-free air exchange, so that waste heat dissipates under full load, even in the height of summer.