With the purchase of AV receivers from Pioneer*, the buyer falls back on a proven manufacturer of home theater centers. This occasion motivates a brief overview of three useful AVRs from Pioneer.

AV receiver Pioneer

❶ Pioneer VSX-S520D-B

Facts & Features

Surround Sound 5.1
Output power of 80 watts
Dolby Atmos
DTS-HD Master Audio
DAB/DAB + Tuner
USB in front
MCACC calibration system
Phono input
Dolby True HD
Dolby Digital Plus

The automatic calibration using MCACC paired with the possibility of multi-room capability speak for the AVR.


❷ Pioneer 5.1 VSX-330-K

Facts & Features

Surround sound 5.1
Output power of 105 watts per channel
USB port in the front
4 HDMI inputs
Dolby Vision
4 K Ultra HD
Dolby TrueHD
DTS-HD Master Audio

The built-in Direct Energy technology places great emphasis on cooling the AVR.


❸ Pioneer VSX-832 (B)

Surround sound 5.1

Output power of 130 watts
Streaming: Amazon Music + Spotify
FM throw antenna
Dolby Atmos
Dolby Digital Plus
DTS-HD Master Audio

Pioneer’s AVR offers the convenient option of using a multi-room service


Receiver Pioneer DAB+

Pioneer is based in Japan. The company, which has existed since 1938, operates internationally. Its core business also includes record players. Above all, Pioneer is also known for its rich range of DJ equipment. In Germany, Pioneer represents an established manufacturer for AV receivers.

A Pioneer DAB+ receiver contains a special radio that is used to receive digital programs. The corresponding models from Marantz have the designation DAB+.

By the way, the manufacturer Teufel provides high-quality speakers for Multiroom*, the room-spanning music enjoyment for the home. These multi-room speakers for the AV receiver can, for example, be individually controlled via app, networked with each other and connected to the AV receiver via WLAN.

DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting. DAB+ has been optimized in terms of its digital compression. No costs are incurred for the reception of the individual stations.

Can DAB+ be retrofitted to the Pioneer AV receiver? Depending on the model, there are options to retrofit the multichannel amplifier with the missing technology accordingly.


Pioneer stereo receiver

A Pioneer stereo receiver* is a device that is only in two-channel form. For maximum utilization, it only needs two front speakers and a subwoofer.

The latter has a reasonably free choice of placement, whereas the speakers require a symmetrical arrangement for full yield.