Over the last few years, many AV receiver brands have established themselves. Therefore, there are now several manufacturers on the market, which provide solid AV receivers. For example, renowned manufacturers represent the following:

AV-Receiver Marken
– Arcam
– Denon
– Harman
– Marantz
– Onkyo
– Panasonic
– Pioneer
– Pyle
– Rotel
– Devil
– Sony
– Yamaha


Overview of well-known AV receiver brands

These well-known manufacturers of AV receivers will be briefly and compactly presented below.



Founded in 1976, the company founded by students in England has been acquired in 2017 as part of Samsung Electronics.



Founded in 1910, the Japanese company is one of the largest producers of hi-fi and home theater products. Accordingly, explains their presence in the market of AV receivers.



Founded in 1969, Harman is an electronics manufacturer from the United States and a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics. With an international focus and strong sales, it is an amalgamation of technology experts such as hi-fi specialists. In contrast, JBL represents a brand belonging to Harman, which sells loudspeaker boxes.



The consumer electronics company, Marantz, founded in 1951, is a Japanese-American manufacturer. In addition, the primary products distributed include hi-fi and home theater equipment.



The acronym NAD stands for New Acoustic Dimension. The company was founded in 1973 and is based in Canada. The HiFi products are mainly from the category of the middle to higher price segment.



Founded in 1946, Onkyo Corporation of Japan has been able to build a name for itself in the consumer electronics industry. Onkyo’s importance to the AV receiver market is evident in its innovative developments. Nevertheless, the technology WRAT, the so-called Wide Range Amplifier Technology, has been introduced by the company.
This technology is used to bring about a reduction in signal noise and distortion throughout the frequency range. In addition, the introduction of an Ethernet interface is due to the Corporation’s efforts.



Founded in 1955, this Japanese company sells, among other things, projectors, DVD recorders, hi-fi systems and accessories, to list just a few products. By the way, one of the best sellers is batteries.



Founded on January 1, 1938, the company focuses on the electronics industry. The name is not only well known in the founding country of Japan, but also internationally. Moreover, the numerous products include, for example, speakers and set-top boxes.



The American brand based in New York was founded in 1960. The product range includes audio equipment and home electronics.



The company, which has existed since 1960, is known for its good value for money. The headquarters of the Japanese company is located in Tokyo. In other words, the customer benefits from this diversity, which is clear from the WRAT technology, for example. Meanwhile, technological features like voice control are almost standard competencies of AV receivers.