Marantz AV receivers* are reliable products in the home theater segment. For this reason, here is an overview of three selected productswith high popularity.

AV receiver Marantz

❶ Marantz NR1506

Facts & Features
– Dolby True HD
– DTS-HD Master Audio
– Bluetooth
– Streaming: Spotify
– 6 HDMI inputs
– Output power of 85 watts
– AirPlay
– 4K HD Ultra
Audyssey MultiEQ facilitates room calibration, which is implemented automatically.


❷ Marantz NR 1509

Facts & Features
– Surround Sound 5.2
– Output power of 85 watts
– 6 HDMI inputs
– AirPlay2
– Bluetooth
– Music streaming
– Dolby TrueHD
– DTS-HD Master Audio
– Phono input with integrated phono input
– Hi-Res Audio
– Audyssey MultiEQ
– Voice control via Amazon Alexa
Built-in ability with HEOS to fill multiple rooms with music


❸ Marantz SR5013

Facts & Features
– Marantz SR5013
– Surround Sound 7.2
– 4K Ultra HD
– Amazon Alexa
– Output power of 180 watts per channel
– AirPlay 2
– Bluetooth
– Internet Rado
– Spotify Connect
– Amazon Music
– Tidal
– Deezer
– Output power of 180 watts
– Phono input
– Dolby Atmos
– DTS Virtual: X
– Output power of 180 watts
The AVR from Marantz includes the in-house amplifier technology HDAM (Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module). It also features 8 HDMI inputs


Marantz Multiroom AV receiver

Founded in 1951, Marantz represents a Japanese-American merger. The manufacturer is active in consumer electronics to meet the demands of music lovers with its design of audio utensils worldwide. Multi-channel amplifiers from Marantz have a lot in common with AVRs from Denon. That’s because they draw on the same multi-room solution to deliver an innovative music experience to music lovers across rooms via the HEOS app. HEOS is often found as a function in the latest generation models.

The system works thanks to integrated WLAN. The wireless connection for data transmission is the prerequisite for controlling the individual HEOS speakers synchronously or individually in the household. In addition to this connection technology, the Marantz AV receivers often also have Bluetooth. This technology, which is almost standard, also enables the connection with some speaker systems. The calibration, i.e. the calculation of the specific spatial conditions for the best possible sound, can be performed on a Marantz – if this function is available – by the Audyssy MultEQ.