The Denon AVRX* in black is a model from 2018. Visually, the device is characterized by two central rotary controls on the left and right position of the front. Incidentally, the display shines with a metallic surface, in which there is a display in the center of the front. Furthermore, a USB as well as an HDMI port are found on the right side in the front area. These facilitate the temporary connection of a USB stick or a game console.

Denon AVRX3500HBKE2

Qualities at a glance
✔ Phono input for turntables
✔ 8 HDMI inputs
✔ 3 HDMI outputs
✔ HEOS for multi-room music enjoyment
✔ AirPlay2 for connecting iPhone
✔ Sharp picture through 4K technology
✔ 7.2 surround sound
✔ Voice base stent with Amazon Alexa


Audio capabilities of the AV receiver

The device from Denon, one of the leading manufacturers in the home theater segment, has a rich audio offering to offer. This statement is based primarily on the Dolby Atmos, DTS: X and DTS Virtual: X formats. Thanks to the compatibility with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, convenient voice control is possible. The AVR supports 7.2 surround sound thanks to its 7 power amplifiers.


7.2 Surround Sound with the Denon AV Receiver

The much-mentioned surround systems ensure optimal propagation of sound in the home theater room. The 7.2 AV receiver provides the basic technical framework, which is realized via the alignment and sufficient number of speakers.
7.2 surround sound is composed of a total of 7 speakers as well as 2 subwoofers. The latter have quite a flexible position in the room, which is due to the human ear’s perception of low tones.
The 7 main channels of this sound system include two front speakers, two speakers in the rear area, two speakers in the side area and a center speaker, which is in close proximity to the screen.
Due to Dolby Atmos, the output and composition of the sound image happens via sound objects that are flexibly output via the individual speakers.


Connectivity – Existing connection technologies and interfaces

Dressed in black, the Denon AVRX3500H receiver features the most common connectivity technologies. These include Bluetooth, HDMI and USB.
It is possible to connect up to 8 different Bluetooth devices via Bluetooth. A number of 8 HDMI inputs, which faces 3 HDMI outputs, ensures enough interfaces for potentially needed devices like a Blu-Ray player. Furthermore, the HDMI inputs support HDCP 2.2, which is the classification of an encryption system that is relevant for Ultra HD devices. For this reason, increased protection for the transmission of audio and video input is guaranteed. In detail, it is a kind of copy protection. Furthermore, the Denon device has a phono input to offer. Through this interface, a direct connection of a record player is conceivable. Furthermore, the AV receiver can be controlled throughout the entire household thanks to HEOS, Denon’s wireless music system. Furthermore, the control via the Apple AirPlay 2 user interface is interesting for owners of Apple products.


Video qualities

The device with an output power of 150 watts does not have to hide from its video capabilities. Thus, 4K UHD and compatibility with Dolby Vision are just as much a part of the good tone.


Versatile use in the home theater

The Denon AVRX* model at hand is particularly suitable for playing music. Apple AirPlay 2, the HEOS system or the phono input provide the appropriate basis for this. In contrast, the device also masters the rules of the game in the video field. Therefore, the ability to support High Dynamic Range formats should by no means go unmentioned here. In addition, the comparative overview of 10 good AV receivers includes other Denon AV receivers.