AV receivers with surround sound, such as the Sony STR-DH790*, make it possible to generate an acoustic sound image throughout the entire home theater room.

AV receivers with surround sound

What does surround sound mean?

In the context of consumer electronics, one often comes across the term surround sound. In particular, this happens in the context of music and film. The name of this system already implies its mode of operation. The English verb “surround” means something like “surrounded”. So the function of the surround system is to create an all-around sound image to deliver the most authentic experience possible. Thus, the viewer is surrounded by technical components that embed him in a special sound atmosphere. Surround systems are multi-channel systems.
That is, certain components such as loudspeakers are evenly distributed around the audience in the listening room. This sound system is known from the cinema. If you don’t have your own home theater, you will appreciate this feature within movie theaters.


How do you create surround sound?

As already mentioned, loudspeakers in particular are involved in the construction of this sound image. However, there is no agreement on the specific number of these speakers. It is not possible to make a general statement about this, because it depends, for example, on the specific conditions of the home theater. First of all, the classic media wall consists of a TV plus two speakers.
These are arranged to the left and right of the TV. Speakers are placed not only in the front area, but also in the back area. I.e. they are located behind the center of the listening room, usually at least two speakers. In addition, a surround system contains at least one subwoofer, i.e. a bass box, to reproduce low-frequency sound waves. Besides volume and bass, there is another category for speakers. For example, the center speaker is used to reproduce dialog. Thus, the voice reproduction is output as realistically as possible.


How are surround sound and AV receivers related?

So, in summary, 4K AV receivers regulate the appropriate output of the surround system. Thus, the optimal regulation of the sound image is done with the help of the automatic calibration.
The focus of a surround system is the authentic cinema sound. The advantage of an automatic calibration takes effect at this point. For this reason, the AV receiver* automatically adjusts the sound of all components. In this way, nothing can stand in the way of listening pleasure within your own four walls. Furthermore, numerous models in the comparative overview 10 good AV receivers offer multi-channel systems with different numbers of main channels.