The Denon AVRX2400H delivers stunning 3D sound. This is based on the latest audio formats, which this device has. These include Dolby Atmos and DTS:X as part of the surround experience.

A total of 7 power amplifiers provide an overhead sound experience on the Denon* AVRX2400H. Thanks to the novel DTS Virtual:X technology, a sound spectacle with real 3D effects is possible without installing the appropriate hardware for it.

Denon AVRX2400H

Overview of product features

– 7.2 surround sound

– 4K Ultra HD

– Amazon Music

– Apple AirPlay

– Blueooth

– Dolby Atmos

– Dolby Vision

– dts:X

– Eco Mode

– HDCP 2.2



– Internet radio

– Spotify Connect



Advantages of the Denon AVRX2400H

The AV receiver from the house of Denon is characterized by its 7.2 surround sound. This classification implies two front speakers, a center speaker, two surround sound speakers on the left and right, two speakers in the rear and two subwoofers.

The latter produces low tones. When arranging them, it’s important to arrange these woofers symmetrically underneath the screen. Because a 7.2 surround sound only unfolds its full potential with the right distribution of the speakers.

The integrated Dolby Atmos makes an immersive sound experience possible through Dolby. One way to arrange the 7 power amplifiers in the context of Dolby Atmos results in 5 audio channels, two subwoofers and 2 overhead speakers.

A total of 8 HDMI inputs allow the connection of Xbox, BluRay player and co. Such an input on the front proves to be advantageous. The compatibility with Amazon Alexa should be emphasized positively.

Voice controls are finding their way into more and more households, which is due to their practicality. Answering trivial questions is possible with simple voice commands.

The AV receiver scores with its multi-room capability. Here, the HEOS app acts as a digital command center to merge the individual components with the AV receiver.

The convenient function enables the merging of individual rooms, which are treated equally in terms of sound. The individual rooms can also be controlled separately.

WLAN is a prerequisite for Multiroom. The Denon AV receiver has this connection technology as well as Bluetooth. Many speaker systems can be controlled with both Bluetooth and WLAN.

Music lovers can make use of the numerous stations on Internet radio or personalized playlists from Spotify via the speakers on the Denon AVRX2400H using Spotify Connect.