The Yamaha RX-V685* represents a current AV receiver from the house of Yamahas. With this product, hardly any wishes remain unfulfilled. The AVR copes with common formats without any problems.

Yamaha RX-V685

Audio capabilities of the AV receiver

The channel configuration of the Yamaha RX-V685 is 7.2. Specifically, the seven power amplifiers have an output of 150 watts each. A special feature for fans of classical music is Cinma on HiFi DSP 3D. With its help, the acoustic atmosphere of a concert hall can be imitated.
In other words, the user gets an authentic image of this scenery within his own four walls. Besides the common audio formats like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, there is a wide range of different playback formats that can be played.


Connectivity – connection technologies and interfaces

In addition to Bluetooth and HDMI, the Yamaha RX-V685’s connections also include LAN, WLAN or USB. Furthermore, the USB interface is located on the front of the device.
Furthermore, the device features AirPlay and MusicCast. AirPlay is the function to connect Apple devices with the AV receiver.
With MusicCast, Yamaha has developed its own multi-room technology, which has reshaped the listening experience in the home. In other words, music can be conveniently controlled via cell phone from any point in the home.
Through this, turntable lovers can easily connect their record player to the AVR’s front panel without a preamp. Due to the integrated

As a result, the Yamaha RX-V683 creates the opportunity to play back the old stock of vinyl records with the latest technology. Finally, the automatic calibration option using YPAO generates sonic fine-tuning to exploit the full potential of the AVR and speakers.


Video formats

The AVR’s picture output is in 4K Ultra HD. In addition, the device is compatible with Dolby Vision and can play back images in HDR, or High Dynamic Range.


Advantages of the Yamaha RX-V685

The Yamaha RX-V685* combines numerous current formats, which are usefully supplemented by in-house developments such as the Yamaha MusicCast or the YPAO Volume. By the way, the power consumption can be reduced by up to 20 percent thanks to the usable Eco mode. The comparison overview of 10 good AV receivers includes more AV receivers from Yamaha.