Many proud home theater owners use their AV receiver for gaming. To make sure the gaming experience is the best it can be, there are a few key points to keep in mind.

AV Receiver Gaming

Of utmost importance for an authentic gaming experience is a delay-free transmission of the auditory and visual signals. In quite a few AV receivers, there is a “Gaming Mode” provided for this purpose, with the help of which important settings are omitted. For example, the scaler remains inactive, as does the video conversion. The reason for this is that fewer delays occur. The now created delay, also called delay, amounts to a maximum of a few milliseconds.This hardly has a significant impact on the gaming experience. Of course, certain values can also be disabled manually. Regardless of whether the setting is automatic or manual, the AV receiver prevents the unpacking of sound and video signals that lead to delays. One use case, for example, is the Xbox, which makes use of ALM. This stands for Auto Latency Mode and reduces possible delays for a good gaming experience. Some AV receivers* have corresponding settings for a good gaming experience. Because of this, they are declared accordingly.