AV receivers with MusicCast from Yamaha are finding their way into more and more home theaters. For example, it is already installed in new models like the Yamaha RX-V4A 5.2*. But what exactly distinguishes this technology? What are the arguments in favor of the Multiroom application?

AV receivers with Yamaha MusicCast

Yamaha MusicCast AV Receiver

What is Yamaha MusicCast? Yamaha MusicCast is a hardware solution as an in-house multi-room technology of the manufacturer Yamaha. First and foremost, the long-term goal is to bring together all of Yamaha’s components into a single network.
As a result, a connection among the networked components for the purpose of playing music is possible wirelessly. Of course, products that are not from the Yamaha range, such as other speakers, can also be part of the network.

The only condition for this is an existing Bluetooth connection. In this way, matching products from different manufacturers can be fed into one and the same network. Visualized, MusicCast represents the technical construct with empty slots that can be individually assigned.
There are a number of AV receivers in which the appropriate hardware is already installed. Yamaha explicitly mentions this function with the products in question. This functionality makes it possible to listen to music throughout the entire house. Because this is the decisive highlight of this technology. Access to music is conveniently possible throughout the house.


Operation MusicCast AV receiver

Basically, the music from NAS server, PC or smartphone is played via speakers via WLAN. The user can influence from which source music is obtained.
The actual control is done via an app. This is available for iOS and Android. In detail, this is the application called MusicCast CONTROLLER. Just as an AV receiver is the heart of the hardware in the home theater, this app is the center of MusicCast. In this app, access to the individual components of the network is possible. In addition, sound adjustments can be made quickly via the EQ settings. The integrated streaming providers so far include Juke, Napster and Spotify.
At the center of the network is a router, which forwards the signals either directly or indirectly via the AV receiver. That is, a router is the eye of the needle through which communication between the app and components of the network takes place. Only communication via the router makes it possible to connect devices that are far apart. Assuming the centerpiece, the AV receiver, is located in the living room, it can play music via speakers with MusicCast via WLAN in the room of choice. It is also possible to operate several of the sometimes very compact speakers at the same time, which are located in different rooms.

Overview of common MusicCast speakers for the AV receiver*

It’s even possible to stream Internet radio thanks to vTuner, because the devices are already compatible with some streaming services. In addition, Hi-Res audio is supported. In other words, the speakers support high-resolution music. Moreover, speakers can also be used simultaneously as a stereo pair. In principle, several of these speakers can be located in different rooms, with the help of which music can be listened to in several rooms simultaneously. The most popular models include: Yamaha ISX-18D, Yamaha WX-010, Yamaha WX-021*, Yamaha WX-030, Yamaha WX-051, Yamaha XAD-10, Yamaha YAS-306.


Benefits of Yamaha MusicCast Receiver

MusicCast from Yamaha is a network technology that revolutionizes the listening experience. The control of suitable devices such as AV receivers, speakers and soundbar works via the app MusicCast CONTROLLER.

Teufel provides high-quality speakers for Multiroom, the room-spanning music enjoyment for the home. These Multiroom speakers for the AV receiver can, for example, be controlled individually via app, networked with each other and connected to the AV receiver via WLAN.

Its commands lead to a router, which firstly connects to either the speakers or the AV receiver. Secondly, the commands can be passed on to the AV receiver via the router, after which it connects to other components in different rooms. AirPlay, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi come into question as connection channels. After all, not only are the same tracks audible in different rooms, but also different tracks in different rooms. Incidentally, AV-Receiver Yamaha MusicCast* in the comparison overview 10 good AV receivers are equipped with MusicCast.