AV receivers Sonos* represent compatible devices for the wireless speaker system called Sonos. Within the numerous speaker systems, it has been able to establish itself well so far. Due to its possible connection technologies, it is worth taking a look.

Even multichannel amplifiers without explicit mention of Sonos compatibility can be prepared for use accordingly with the help of an adapter. As a result, music lovers get an individualized system that sounds through high-quality speakers.


AV receiver Sonos

What is Sonos?

Sonos is a manufacturer from the field of consumer electronics. Characteristic of its technologies is the connection of the individual components of a system via WLAN.

The name Sonos is thus used as a synonym for wireless speakers. The connection is made via LAN or WLAN. However, it can also be done via AirPlay 2 or Bluetooth.

It is conveniently controlled via the Sonos app. You can listen to the radio or control other streaming providers via Sonos. Sonos plays a decisive role in creating a multi-room application. Music can be played either synchronously or individually.


Sonos in the context of AV receivers

Sonos seems to be increasingly establishing itself in the home theater segment. Thus, the first cooperation with Onkyo has started with the audio manufacturer. Relevant AV receivers released at least in 2019 may have a visible Sonos certification.

This provides information about the compatibility with the speaker system. Alternatively, a Sonos speaker for the AV receiver can easily be controlled via LAN. In addition to speakers, Sonos also offers low-frequency channels that provide the home theater room with deep bass. By the way


Sonos Amp/Sonos CONNECT for multi-room use

AV receivers that do not have Sonos certification require a Sonos Amp if a WLAN connection is to be established for the Multiroom application. This adapter is connected to the multi-channel amplifier to connect to the speaker system.


Practical possibility of voice control

By the way, the Sonos One acts as a smart voice assistant. For example, Sonos is compatible with AirPlay, the Google Assistant or the Alexa voice control. But other manufacturers also offer high-quality speakers.

Teufel provides high-quality speakers for multiroom, the room-spanning music enjoyment for the home. These Multiroom speakers for the AV receiver can, for example, be controlled individually via app, networked with each other and connected to the AV receiver via WLAN.