AV speakers exist in a variety to complete a home theater system.

AV speakers for good sound

The AV receiver has a large number of connections on its rear panel. Some of them are intended for AV speakers*. The number of required connections for AV speakers depends on the sum of the power amplifiers. When choosing the right speaker cables, it is important that they are not too thin.

In addition to the classic speakers for the AV receiver, soundbars also have a high relevance. These are inferior to the sound performance of a complete surround system, but have other advantages. For example, the number of speakers required is reduced.

First and foremost, the AV receiver, the command center of the home theater, determines the sound quality of the home theater system. In other words, the multichannel amplifier sets the tone in terms of format quality. In other words, Dolby Atmos or a DTS:X support is part of the good tone.