A 5.1 speaker* is the optimal solution for many AV receivers. Due to the fact that AV receivers with surround sound 5.1 are very common, the selection of 5.1 systems is accordingly large. The presentation of 5 different systems should provide help in making the right decision. In particular, the individual components of complete home theater systems* are perfectly matched to each other.

5.1 Loudspeaker overview

❶ Harman/Kardon HKTS 5BK/230 5.1 – Channel Surround Sound

Facts & Features

1 center speaker
1 subwoofer
4 satellite speakers
5 brackets for wall mounting
Output power 65 watts


❷ Harman/Kardon HKTS 65BQ/230 5.1-channel surround sound.

Facts & Features

4 satellite speakers
1 center speaker
1 active subwoofer
5 devices for the wall
Output power of 200 watts


❸ Harman/Kardon HKTS 16 5.1-channel speaker system.

Facts & Features

Subwoofer with 200 watts
4 satellite speakers
1 center speaker
Output power of 120 watts


❹ Onkyo SKS-HT588(B) 5.1.2 Channel Home Theater

Facts & Features

Front and ceiling speakers
Center box
Surround speaker
Output power 130 watts


❺ Onkyo SKS-HT528(B) 5.1 Channel

Facts & Features

2 front speakers with 120 watts
2 center speakers with 120 watts
Surround speakers with 120 watts
Subwoofer with 150 Watt


By the way, in addition to the featured speaker manufacturers Harmon/Kardon and Onkyo, Teufel also provides high-quality systems for 5.1 surround sound*. The range includes, for example, sets with hi-fi columns, floor-standing columns or compact boxes.


Set up 5.1 speakers

AV receivers 5.1 need a system of 5.1 speakers to serve their 5 audio channels. Additionally, one needs a subwoofer to produce low tones. Its position is frontal, although variable left or right. The required equipment includes a loudspeaker on the left and right in the front area and optimally below the TV the center speaker. Furthermore, to the left and right of the center of the home theater room, one surround sound speaker each.

Speakers at a glance

one left front speaker
one right front speaker
one center speaker
left surround speaker
right surround speaker


5.1 speaker Bluetooth

The lion’s share of AV receivers on offer have Bluetooth connectivity technology integrated. Quite a few 5.1 speakers make use of this function. Thus, it is possible to connect the 5.1 speakers wirelessly with the multichannel amplifiers.

Although the range of Bluetooth is limited, it is still sufficient for the distances within a home cinema room in all probability. Out of this, there are practical advantages. For example, no visible cables have to be laid to the individual speaker areas.

In addition, heat generation is reduced with each missing cable. AV receivers can reach high temperatures, which in combination with many cables in a narrow rack can lead to heat accumulation.


5.1 speakers wireless

In addition to Bluetooth, WLAN serves as a connection technology to operate 5.1 speakers wirelessly. Some speakers have both Bluetooth and WLAN. Complete home theater systems* offer the right speakers for 5.1 surround sound.