The Marantz NR1506* AV receiver is a device from the American-Japanese company Marantz. This can already look back on a long company history.

Marantz NR1506

Audio capabilities

The device from Marantz plays the most important sound formats such as Dolby TrueHD or DTS-HD Master Audio. The Dolby True HD audio format is designed for lossless surround sound. The DTS HD Master Audio is the abbreviation for Digital Theater Systems High Definition. Its use is designed for the use of Blu-Ray and HD DVDs.


Connectivity technologies and interfaces

In addition to Bluetooth and HDMI, the AV receiver also has LAN or WLAN. Thanks to the Internet capability, there is the possibility to stream radio stations on the Internet. For this reason, streaming from Spotify is also possible. Spotify Connect provides the basis for this. Thanks to two antennas on the back of the device, wireless streaming is feasible. The HDMI ports are characterized by their compatibility with the HDCP 2.2 copy protection. Due to 6 HDMI inputs, the risk that not all HDMI-enabled devices could be connected is quite small. Among the HDMI-capable devices are e.g. projectors, Blu-Ray players, laptops or TVs. Most of the connections are optically hidden in the back of the device. Nevertheless, there is a sensibly placed USB and HDMI port on the right side of the device.

Thanks to the USB interface, external storage media such as USB sticks, external hard drives or cell phones and tablets can be connected to the receiver. The device with an output power of 85 watts allows you to stream music wirelessly. Due to the presence of AirPlay, Appel devices such as an iPod or iPad can be easily combined with the Marantz NR1506. This makes it possible to play iTunes tracks. Furthermore, the integrated room calibration enables the interaction between speakers and AV receivers.


Existing video formats

With existing compatibility to 4K HD Ultra, the Marantz NR1506 enables a high-definition picture.


Benefits of the Marantz AV receiver

Equipped with an Eco mode, the Marantz NR1506 shines with its equipped wireless system thanks to two antennas. Because of this, it is great for streaming capabilities of all kinds. In addition, the Audyssey MultiEQ facilitates automatic room calibration. Furthermore, the comparative overview of 10 good AV receivers includes other models.