The Onkyo TX-RZ730(B)* is, as you would expect from an established home theater technology manufacturer, a black and solid-looking AV receiver designed with attention to detail.

Onkyo TX-RZ730(B)

Onkyo TX-RZ730(B) 9.2 Kanal AV Receiver (THX Kinoklang, 175 W/Kanal, Multiroom, Dolby/DTS:X, WLAN, Bluetooth, Streaming, Musik Apps, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Internetradio), Schwarz
  • Receiver: 7.2-Kanal Netzwerk AV-Receiver mit sieben Endstufen mit je 175 W (6 Ohm, 1 kHz, THD 1,0%, 1-Kanal ausgesteuert, IEC) liefert THX zertifiziertes kinogleiches Film- und Sounderlebnis. Dynamische Audioverstärkung mit 5 Hz–100 kHz Wiedergabe
  • Streaming: Vielfältige Streaming Möglichkeiten via WLAN und Bluetooth (FlareConnect, DTS Play-Fi, Apple AirPlay, Amazon Music, Spotify, TIDAL, Deezer, Internet Radio mit TuneIn)
  • Multiroom: Um weitere Räume mit Musik zu versorgen, bauen Sie den AV-Receiver einfach zur Multiroom-Anlage aus: Mit den passenden Multiroom Produkten können Sie Ihre Musik im gesamten Haus teilen
  • Audio und Video: Alle gängigen Audio- und Videoformate wie Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, DTS Neural:X, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS-HD High Resolution Audio, 4K Ultra HD, Dolby Vision u.a. werden unterstützt
  • Lieferumfang: AV-Receiver TX-RZ730-B, Fernbedienung, Batterien (AAA), Messmikrofon zur Lautsprechereinrichtung, UKW-Wurfantenne, AM-Rahmenantenne, Netzkabel, Bedienungsanleitung

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Audio Skills

The Onkyo TX-RZ730(B), with a total of 7 power amplifiers of 175 W each, provides an all-around sound experience. Integrated audio formats include – and now read carefully – DTS: X, DTS Neural:X, Dolby Atmos, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD High Resolution Audio and DTS-HD Master Audio.
You don’t see such a range of different audio formats every day! Also on board is AccuEQ, a calibration method that optimizes the use of speakers to eliminate standing waves in the room.
As if that weren’t enough, the receiver also has what’s known as THX Certified Select. In other words, this certificate allows to guarantee a certain sound performance for a sufficiently large room area.


Connectivity – connections and interfaces

In addition to the usual options for establishing connections between the various components of a network, which include Bluetooth, HDMI and WLAN, the receiver also has Chromecast and FlareConnect.
Conveniently, there is an HDMI port on the front of the device. A total of 6 more HDMI ports on the back complete the possibility to connect enough Blu-Ray players and laptops to the device at the same time.
Chromcast is already integrated into the device. This is a technology provided by Google, which simplifies data transfer. With the help of Chromcast, media files can be transferred to the AV receiver.
The prerequisite for this is an existing Internet connection. For example, it is possible to display content from the Google web browser on the TV via the AV receiver.
In contrast, FlareConnect is a multi-room application. In addition, this feature enables uncomplicated music playback via devices with FlareConnect compatibility.
As a result, users experience flexibility and convenience to play their music when and where in the home. Additionally, the AVR includes the ability to easily dock Apple products thanks to built-in AirPlay.


Existing video formats

The model from Onkyo has the most common video formats. For example, 4 K in Ultra HD and Dolby Vision are particularly noteworthy here.


Advantages of the Onyko AV receiver

The Onkyo TX-RZ730(B)* offers a comprehensive package of common formats and connection technologies, which leaves hardly anything to be desired. In addition, other models from Onkyo are within the comparison overview 10 good AV receivers.

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