An AV receiver with voice control* allows users to enjoy simplified operation through voice control.

AV receiver with voice control

The above AV receivers are compatible with Amazon Alexa control.


What is voice control?

First and foremost, voice control is a common form of human-machine interaction. Thus, in this type of communication, the human being represents the sender. The receiver is the technical device. Targeted instructions can activate the receiving device. This is usually done by a so-called activation word. This method is used, for example, by voice assistants on cell phones. Common Echo systems can also be stationary. Amazon provides such a widespread system with its Alexa voice assistant.


How are AV receivers and voice control connected?

There are several possibilities how a voice control works. On the one hand, there is a corresponding device with an integrated voice assistant. The Alexa Voice Service is a very well-known voice system for this. This virtual assistant is designed for the Amazon Echo and the Echo Dot. On the other hand, a device is compatible with such software. Unlike the Echo Dot, an AV receiver does not contain an integrated voice assistant out of the box. However, such a receiver device can be recorded with suitable software.


What are the requirements for voice control?

As a rule, the presence of a corresponding skill on the device is a prerequisite. This enables the use of a virtual assistant. Whether the device can respond to verbal instructions is provided by the product information.

These contain instructions for the appropriate installation with the respective skill. Mostly, it does not require more effort than downloading the respective skill from the manufacturer’s site. Yamaha brand AV receivers offer this functionality through their Yamaha MusicCast system.


What are the advantages of voice control?

Virtual assistants are used on many devices. Due to the advantages of the application, this is the case. Thus, instructions can be given to the receiver comfortably. Because if the user is at a distance of a few meters, the virtual assistant can respond to the instructions. Because of this, the 4K AV receiver can still be controlled if the remote control is not at hand.
Therefore, errands in the immediate vicinity of the AV receiver with voice control do not have to be interrupted. Consequently, the convenience increases due to the possibility of voice control.


In addition, the comparison overview lists 10 good AV receiver models with the option of voice control. Review based on product ratings and general advantages and disadvantages of the category.

Teufel provides high-quality speakers for Multiroom, the room-spanning music enjoyment for the home. These Multiroom speakers for the AV receiver can be controlled individually via app, networked with each other and connected to the AV receiver via WLAN. The speakers are particularly useful in combination with voice control. Users benefit from a high level of convenience.

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