Speakers for AV receivers have a significant influence on the sound quality in the home theater room. When choosing the right components, farsightedness plays a major role. For example, high-quality home theater speakers* can function for many years and exceed the lifespan of multi-channel amplifiers.

Speakers for AV receivers

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The resistance of latest-generation speakers, which is specified in ohms, is usually higher than that of past speaker systems. For this reason, older receivers may have compatibility issues.

The possible volume of loudspeakers represents one of the most important parameters for the later listening pleasure. Depending on the application, which should be as clear as possible in advance, it is recommended to choose the right level of volume. Party sound systems have well and good up to 1000 watts.

The larger the home theater room or the distance from the seating position to the speakers, the higher the wattage should be. The efficiency of these home theater speakers* dwindles with increasing distance.