An AV receiver with streaming such as the Pioneer VSX-834 7.2* offer the possibility of streaming, which has more and more functionalities thanks to the progressive expansion of the offer.

AV receivers with streaming

What does streaming mean?

Streaming is the ability to listen to music on mobile and stationary devices, for example, with the help of the Internet. Consequently, a data transfer takes place. As a result, it is possible to watch or listen to data that is not on one’s own device. An AV receiver with streaming is one of many possible functionalities. These are compatible with the most popular streaming services. The best-known streaming services include the providers Amazon and Spotify. In addition, these resemble an Internet radio in their use.


Which popular streaming services are there?

Among the most widespread streaming services are Amazon and Spotify.


What is Amazon Prime Music?

Amazon Prime Music is a streaming service from Amazon. It is available to Amazon Prime users free of charge. As a result, about 2 million songs can be accessed. Furthermore, in addition to this offer, there is the possibility to listen to soccer matches from the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga, live or on demand.


What is Amazon Music Unlimited?

In contrast to Amazon Prime Music, Amazon Music Unlimited offers a contingent of 50 million songs. The far-reaching streaming offer is subject to a fee. Notably, Amazon Prime customers receive a discount for using Amazon Music Unlimited.


What is Spotify?

Spotify is a streaming service, which is mainly known for its music offer. Apart from music, there is also a range of videos and audiobooks available.
The library can be used in two ways. For if the offer is used free of charge, advertising interruptions are displayed at certain intervals.

The manufacturer Teufel provides high-quality speakers for streaming. Thanks to the intelligent speaker systems, streaming services such as AirPlay or Spotify can be heard via WLAN sound decks, THX speakers or complete systems. The systems are built on common wireless connection technologies such as Bluetooth or WLAN.
In contrast, with a paid premium account, no advertising interruptions interrupt the listening pleasure. The offer can only be obtained via the Internet. I.e. there must be an active internet connection above all, unless a premium account is available. Because then the music can also be played via offline lists.


What is Spotify Connect?

Spotify Connect is an application from Spotify. It is used to listen to music via technical components such as speakers, TVs or similar. Spotify Connect can also be used to listen to music on tablets. Prerequisite for the use of Spotify Connect is the possession of the Spotify app .


How does the playback of streaming services work on the AV receiver?

Both streaming services provided by Amazon are chargeable. Another requirement is the compatibility of the AV receiver with this service. The manufacturer’s information provides more detailed information about this. This is because not every device has the option of streaming through Amazon.

The use of Spotify requires a paid subscription. While Spotify can be used free of charge with commercial interruptions, a paid subscription is required for the same on the 4K AV receiver.

Furthermore, an Internet connection (e.g. WLAN) is required for use. Finally, a network login is required. After that, the login data has to be entered. As a result, the extensive music library is available for streaming.

Nevertheless, in addition to streaming selected songs, AV-Receivers with streaming* also offers the option of selecting the right Internet radio from several stations. Finally, there are also 10 good AV receivers AVRs with Internet radio in the comparison review. Review based on product reviews and general advantages and disadvantages of the category.

AV-Receiver mit Streaming