AV receiver or amplifier? Both the AV receiver and the conventional amplifier find frequent use in the home theater segment. In a way, they provide a stable foundation for the reproduction of audio signals.

AV receivers or amplifiers and their field of application

The presence of an amplifier is independent of the size of the stereo system. In other words, even in small copies there is an amplifier. Another name for the AV receiver is multi-channel amplifier.

This shows the close connection between an AV receiver and an amplifier. Now the question is whether an AV receiver or an amplifier makes more sense. If you consider the theoretical possibilities of a home theater, it becomes obvious that besides audio, especially video signals play a major role.

The right choice depends largely on whether the focus is on music or video. For the reproduction of music, a classic amplifier is sufficient. In this respect, a multi-channel amplifier is required for the full reproduction of the interplay of sound and picture, i.e. several channels.

AV Receiver*