Buying AV receivers is recommended if, for example, powerful speakers are to transmit the movie and listening pleasure in the private home theater room.

The multichanel amplifier* serve as an important command center.

Buy AV receiver

At an AV receiver all the ropes run together. Audio and visual signals have to pass through this technical eye of a needle for transmission.

Well-known connection technologies such as WLAN and Bluetooth lay the foundation for comfort when consuming one’s own music library.

The pressure to innovate in the hi-fi sector is not bypassing powerful multi-channel amplifiers.

Voice assistants and multi-room applications are now considered good form.

High-quality AV receivers with the option of multi-room come from Yamaha, for example.

If you buy an AV receiver*, you should pay attention to a solid basic configuration. Bluetooth, WLAN and sufficient HDMI interfaces should be absolute minimum.