AV receiver with CD player: On the market, the AV receiver from Marantz* meets this criterion. The functional receivers have a variety of functions.

AV receiver CD player

Phono input, HDMI and USB connection, DAB and now even a CD player? This is not just a vision. The stereo receiver from Teufel* has an integrated CD player.

However, this technology makes it an exception across all sound classes. Even the widely used AV receiver 5.1 is not in possession of this technology.

An integrated CD player in the AV receiver often makes little sense, because the steady loss of importance of CDs is practically unstoppable. If you want to let CDs sound through your AV receiver and its speakers, you can always connect your CD player to multi-channel amplifiers.

Otherwise, songs as MP3, Ogg-Vobis or WAV are the means of choice. The numerous connections of the AV receiver ensure the connection of past technologies.

The record player is connected to the receiver via the phono input or through a preamplifier. The situation is similar with a CD player. Its stereo output must be connected to the stereo RCA. In summary: The AV receiver from Teufel* has an integrated CD player.