AV receiver infrared receivers* provide a remedy if possible obstacles impede the radio connection between multi-channel amplifier and remote control.

AV receiver infrared receiver

Home theater walls fulfill a functional use and cherish a certain demand on the appearance. In some circumstances, the components of a home theater hide behind a cover. This measure serves to let cables or BluRay player and Co. disappear accurately. For this understandable reason, the wireless connection of the remote control can suffer.
Depending on the nature of the material, the beams are only inadequately directed to the AV receiver. This problem has a negative impact on comfort, which is incompatible with the unwritten laws within the home theater.
Finally, the constant expansion through voice assistants, WLAN and Bluetooth is due to the desire for practicality and comfort. An IR receiver picks up the signals from the remote control and restores the previously disturbed connection. The receiver catches the signal emitted by the remote control and forwards this satisfactorily to the AV receiver. As a consequence, the operation works normally.