Learning to write a screenplay is achievable with a creative idea and the right tools. Writing a screenplay, like so many great things, starts with the right idea. Further, considerations of specific direction are part of the process. For example, your own home theater sets the perfect framework within which creative ideas can unfold. When an authentic sound image resounds over the speakers and the beamer casts captivating film sequences onto the screen, then the fascination for one’s own screenplay is awakened. After all, all good films are preceded by a good screenplay. Writing your own screenplay is the first step towards being able to watch your own film in your home cinema at some point in the future.


Learning to write a screenplay

All beginnings are difficult – this saying does not come from nowhere. One of the important issues is, in addition to the genre, the production. In addition to feature films, television productions are also possible video games. By the way, good scripts can also be sold to film production companies.
As a rule of thumb, one page of the script corresponds to one minute on the screen. So that the individual storylines can be woven together, it helps to visualize a red thread. This is where individual events diverge from the plot thread. Of course, the suspense must not be missing. After all, that’s what a gripping story thrives on. Likewise, a film lives from strong main characters and insignificant secondary characters. Dialogues also play an important role.