AV receivers 5.1* benefit from their wide distribution and good compatibility. Most DVDs are designed for this number of audio channels. For this reason, the AV receiver 5.1 is a kind of standard among multi-channel amplifiers.

AV receiver 5.1

Definition: AV receiver 5.1

AV receivers with the addition “5.1” serve a total of 5 audio channels. Thus, a left and right front speaker, a center speaker and a left and right surround sound speaker are present. Additionally, a subwoofer provides the home theater room with low tones. The correct arrangement of the speakers is of high importance, whereas the subwoofer gets a fairly free allocation of space. Nevertheless, a positioning in the front area is recommended. With an AV receiver 7.2 and 2 subwoofers, it requires a symmetrical alignment, even if the volume controls are set differently.

Distribution of speakers in 5.1
– one left front speaker
– one right front speaker
– one center speaker
– left surround speaker
– right surround speaker


AV receiver 5.1 Dolby Atmos

The triumph of Dolby Atmos is unbroken. The realistic and authentic listening is based on the output of sounds that even hit the viewer from above. Thus, the abundance of audio sounds literally washes over the viewer of movies. Dolby Atmos works for various speaker placements in the room. Using Dolby Atmos, sound objects move through the individual speakers in the room.

AV receivers with the Dolby Atmos audio format must harmonize with the correct orientation of the speakers in the room. Pictorially, the audience represents the center of the circle. The speakers lie congruently on the imagined circle line and are thus directed towards the center. The front speakers are at the same distance from each other as the rear speakers.
The AV receiver 5.2 with Dolby Atmos distributes the output of the individual sound objects automatically.

Dolby Atmos creates an overhead layer. Speakers specially aligned for this purpose are mounted on the ceiling.
In their absence, the front speakers substitute for this role. The more speakers the system has with Dolby Atmos, the more impressive the format’s ability to use speakers individually to create an authentic sound image becomes.


AV receiver 5.1 with DAB and Internet radio

Due to the widespread use of these Audio/Video receivers, these models have digital radio, Digital Audio Broadcasting, and Internet radio to play radio stations from around the world.