AV receivers 7.2* are among the possible phenomena of a multichannel amplifier in terms of possible audio channels.

AV Receiver 7.2

Meaning: AV receiver 7.2

The designation “7.2” at the end of the expression indicates the number of supported audio channels, which the AV receiver can serve in total. In total, models of this type have 7 channels for 7 speakers as well as 2 subwoofers, also called woofers.

The latter handle very low frequencies and provide atmospheric sound. In contrast to the AV receiver 7.2 surround sound, a 7.1 surround sound has one less low frequency channel. Purely theoretically, AV receivers 7.1 are expandable to a 7.2 system.

This requires a Y-splitter, which splits the sound signal of the one low frequency channel into two equal parts. Consequently, two subwoofers can be fed into the system, although it is only designed for one woofer.

What is a Y-splitter cable? This is a 3.55 mm wide jack plug, which is connected to the system. Depending on the quality of the connection, there is no loss of sound, let alone unnecessary background noise.
These cables are universally compatible and therefore also suitable for smartphones, so that two people can listen to music simultaneously through one device. The advantage of listening to music via the smartphone is the disadvantage of this measure for friends of musical subtleties and distinctive sound aesthetics.
So, technically, it is still the output of the same signal. However, it is available in duplicate. It is simply output via two separate subwoofers.

An AV receiver 7.2 opens up the possibility of adjusting the two volume levels for the individual subwoofers differently. This is noticeable in the effect.
A 7.1 system with a Y-splitter can never achieve this effect. Finally, the presence of two low-frequency channels is one of the advantages over surround sound 7.1.

Functions at a glance
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– two front speakers
– one center speaker
– left surround speaker
– right surround speaker
– rear left rear speaker
– rear right rear speaker


Operating AV receiver 7.2 with 5.1

By the way, an AV receiver 7.2 can be operated with fewer speakers than the maximum possible. This is especially useful if the speaker set is to be expanded gradually. After all, high-quality speakers last for many years. For the optimal sound yield, quality is more important than quantity. A fully loaded 7.2 set consists of a total of 9 speakers. In contrast, a 5.1 surround system has 6 speakers. For a good sound image, the correct tuning of the speakers to each other is important.


AV receiver 7.2 4k

An AV receiver 7.2 4 K* supports high-resolution images. Behind 4K hides the number of pixels. The resolution is four times higher than Full HD. The attribute can be found on screens and other playback devices.