AV receivers with DAB+, i.e. multi-channel amplifiers with integrated reception of digital radio programs, expand the music offering of an AV device in a convenient way.

In contrast to the widespread AV receiver with Internet radio, the circle of specimens with integrated DAB or DAB+ tuner is smaller. Nevertheless, there are enough DAB+ Receiver*. But what if DAB or DAB+ is not integrated in the AV receiver from the factory?

AV receiver with DAB+

Definition of DAB+

What does DAB mean? DAB radio, also called digital radio, stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting. This is a standard of transmissions, which in the long run should replace the sending of FM radio waves, but has not yet been able to fully establish itself.

Unlike DAB, DAB+ is a further development of the former. What does DAB+ mean? DAB+ is an optimized version of DAB. The difference is based on the possibility of receiving selected radio stations at lower bit rates.
Incidentally, an AV receiver with DAB or DAB+ does not require an Internet connection, unlike the widely used Internet radio. Instead, reception works via a built-in component inside the case.

Advantages at a glance
✔ less interference
✔ greater program diversity
✔ improvement in playback quality


Retrofitting DAB+ on the AV receiver

Fortunately, it is possible to retrofit non-existent DAB or DAB+ on the AV receiver. The individual manufacturers of AV receivers offer their own solution options for this.
This is good news for all those who would like to receive DAB or DAB+ via the multichannel amplifier. Compact solutions differ in the way they are connected. In addition to Bluetooth and USB, it is also possible to connect the adapters via AUX.


Reception quality

By the way, the reception of DAB+ improves if it is located near a window. What seems feasible for a normal radio or a digital radio turns out to be problematic for the technical jack-of-all-trades. Fortunately, not every DAB+ Receiver* needs an additional antenna because the receiver in the AV receiver is already sufficient. Review based on product ratings and general pros and cons of the category.

By the way, the manufacturer Teufel provides high-quality speakers for streaming. Thanks to the intelligent speaker systems, streaming services such as AirPlay, Spotify or DAB can be heard via WLAN sound decks, THX speakers or complete systems. The systems build on common wireless connection technologies such as Bluetooth or WLAN.

AV-Receiver DAB+