If you own an AV receiver and also a record player, you can revive your beloved record collection via the sounds of the speakers. The procedure depends largely on the nature of the multi-channel amplifier. Basically, there are three ways to connect the players to the av-receivers*.

AV receiver turntable – connecting turntables to the AV receiver

1. AV receiver with phono input

These devices* have an integrated phone input in the front. It greatly simplifies the connection of turntables, because the connection with the AV device is direct.
The component in the phono input regulates the voltage of the incoming signals and makes them usable. Unfortunately, only a few receivers have such a built-in input.
By the way, there are no variations in the individual connections. In other words, any AV receiver with a phono input is equally well or poorly suited for connecting the turntable.


2. AV receiver with preamplifier*

In contrast, all those AV receivers without a phono input, this is the majority of available devices, require a so-called preamplifier.
This component amplifies the incoming signals from the turntable, because otherwise its voltage would be too low. Likewise, it equalizes the analog signals received.
The nature of a preamplifier for the AV receiver looks like that it is connected via RCA cable and supplied with power via power cord. The RCA cable is also connected to the back of the Hi-Fi device.


3. modern record player with integrated phono equalizer

If a device has a built-in phono equalizer, then it is suitable for direct connection to high level outputs. Such outputs pass the signals generated by the vinyl records to loudspeakers. Practically, the AV receiver then does not need to have a phono input.


Overview of good record players

Record players are often found under the name record player. The purpose of the players is to generate analog signals.
In the meantime, the importance of vinyl records is on the rise, as evidenced by physical record sales – as a counter concept to the rising streaming numbers.
Basically, record players can be divided into manual and automatic variants. Some devices have a USB port, which converts the signals into MP3.