Some AV receivers with a phono input manage to combine modernity with tradition. This feat is achieved through a built-in phono input. Anyone with a record collection can revive nostalgic feelings. The multichannel amplifiers* equipped with this feature let records boom over the speakers with rich bass in high sound quality.

AV receiver with phono input

❶ Denon AVR-X2600 H

❷ Onkyo TX-82220(B)

❸ Pioneer VSX-S520-B


Nature of a phono input

What is a phono input? The so-called phono input is usually located in the lower area of the front panel of an AV receiver. This has practical advantages when connecting the turntable.
In other words, an AV receiver with a phono input provides the possibility to connect the turntable directly. For playing the records, the latter is additionally necessary.
The built-in phono input eliminates the need for an equalization preamplifier as a technical component. Unlike other signal inputs, such an input has a different voltage.
The need for a preamplifier arises from the lack of compatibility with the AV receiver, because the signals emitted by the turntable would be too low and therefore have to be “preamplified”.
In other words, the phono input solves this problem. However, this interface can only be used for turntables and not for other devices. The presence of a phono input means that a preamplifier is already present.
There are hardly any differences between the phono inputs of the individual AV receivers. On the other hand, the AVRs differ in their core capabilities. The connection for the record player is a RCA input.


Alternative to the phono input

But what to do if the AV receiver without phone input was there first? As an alternative to the AV receiver with phono input, an additional external preamplifier is required. If you have a record collection and want to continue using your vinyl records, you will benefit from an AV receiver with record player input.
AV receivers with a record player connection are quite rare, because it serves a niche. Whether an av receiver with phono input* can be found good, depends primarily on its basic equipment.