AV receivers with Alexa* are multi-channel amplifiers that can be conveniently controlled with Amazon’s popular voice assistant. It only requires your own voice and understandable voice commands, which is activated by the Invocation Word. In this way, AV receivers from Denon, Pioneer, Yamaha, etc. can be controlled.

AV receiver Alexa

AV receiver Alexa integrated

AV receivers that have Alexa integrated can be controlled by voice command. The devices from the manufacturers Denon, Yamaha or Pioneer provide information about the compatibility when Alexa Voice Control is explicitly mentioned in the functionalities. Depending on which services an AV receiver has, Amazon Music and Spotify Connect can be controlled via voice command. A suitable word is used to activate the service, which gives the system the signal to be ready. Whether the respective devices can be controlled with this assistant is visible from the enclosed product information.


Yamaha AV receiver Alexa

The operation of an AV receiver from Yamaha for Alexa happens in the following way: The MusicController app and the Alexa app are prerequisites for the connection of a Yamaha AV receiver and Alexa. The Alexa app is used to access the Yamaha network. By the way, the handling of a regular Echo Dot differs from that of a multi-channel amplifier. The possible voice commands can be found in the documentation of the respective product. Predefined voice commands are available for controlling the AV receiver.


Connecting the AV receiver with Alexa

An Amazon Echo Dot is required to operate Alexa on the AV receiver. The specific individual steps depend on the specific apps of the manufacturers.
The devices to be connected must be switched on and have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Linking with the AVR is done by accessing the Alexa app from the list of available devices under the Settings menu item. Regarding the use with the voice assistant in case of a multi-room application, it should be said that the voice commands only work in the room of the Echo Dot. This is usually the home theater room.